Fire Risk Assessment is the foundation of any fire safety management process.  

In order to fulfil legal obligations and comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all employers must complete a fire risk assessment. Ezra Safety Group can provide a range of services, from first assessment to review.

How it works:

Firstly, we complete a site inspection of your building(s) to gain an overview of current systems and practices. We also assess current site policies, procedures and management records. 

We then provide you with a comprehensive report based on the PAS 79 (Publicly Available Specification) approach to carry out a fire risk assessment. This report identifies all fire hazards and the means for their elimination or control. 

This report records any significant findings indicating the severity and urgency and indication of time scale in which each action should be completed. The objective of the action plan is to set out measures that will ensure that the fire risk is reduced to, or maintained at, a tolerable level.  The report also contains a certificate of conformity to provide evidence of the risk assessment having taken place.

A full ongoing support service is available as we believe that a proactive approach to fire safety is essential, with a review recommended on an annual basis.

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Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005