As an employer/building owner, legally you are required to comply with the Fire Safety Order Article 17.  This outlines your duty to ensure all fire resistant doors and escape doors are in efficient working order and subject to suitable maintenance. 

Fire doors are a critical part of any fire safety management as they provide a barrier to prevent the movement and growth of smoke and fire. Fire doors must be inspected at least every six months. Inspections are proactive and identify any damage or defects so they can be rectified as soon as possible. 

We can complete a full inspection of all your fire doors to ascertain their condition and make sure they are compliant and operational. This inspection includes checks on the frame, door leaf, glazing, ironmongery and signage. We then produce a fully audited condition report which details any defects and the action required to correct these.

Other services we provide include asset numbering and labelling of doors to make it easier for you to complete monthly condition checks as part of your fire safety management procedures.  We can also provide training to those nominated to complete the fire door condition checks and advise on any matters arising due to the level of traffic and use of the doors in the building.

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